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StimScience announces seed funding from Khosla Ventures and new CEO Aaron Bromberg

Company plans to launch in-home beta of the first consumer device to use direct brain stimulation to improve sleep quality and efficiency.

April 5, 2021 -- BERKELEY, CA -- StimScience, a consumer neuroscience startup, announced $6M in seed financing led by Khosla Ventures and that Aaron Bromberg has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer to accelerate the development of the company’s first consumer device. StimScience was founded by a team of experienced neuroscientists, including Chief Technology Officer Ram Gurumoorthy, PhD; and is being advised by a world-renowned Science Advisory Board which includes UC Berkeley Neuroscience and Psychology faculty members Matthew P. Walker, PhD, Robert T. Knight, MD PhD, and Rich Ivry, PhD.

Mr. Bromberg joins the company with over fifteen years of experience launching and managing new consumer hardware products, including product and executive roles at Amazon Lab126 (the Amazon consumer devices division), Bose Corporation, and Boosted Boards, Inc. He has taken multiple product lines from pre-launch concept to successful, global businesses, and has introduced new devices and innovative software features used by tens of millions of consumers around the world.

Photo of StimScience CEO Aaron Bromberg
StimScience CEO Aaron Bromberg

“What excites me most about StimScience is the quality of the science and the experience of the science team. As a startup, the best way to set ourselves apart is to develop products that are scientifically challenging and deeply innovative,” said Bromberg. “We are in the early stages of a neuroscience revolution - where we can understand what is happening in an individual’s brain in real time, and use safe, non-invasive stimuli to directly affect brain activity. The mission of the StimScience team is to translate advances in neuroscience and brain stimulation to consumer devices, and our team of scientists and inventors can’t wait to bring our revolutionary technology out of the lab and into customers’ homes.”

StimScience has prototyped its first consumer device, focused on using brain stimulation to improve sleep health. The focus on sleep is a result of the company’s mission to use neuroscience to improve customers’ everyday lives. Lack of sleep is a dangerously widespread phenomenon. Even before the pandemic, 1 in 3 US adults did not get a healthy amount of sleep, according to the Center for Disease Control, and nearly half of adults express dissatisfaction with the quality of their sleep; and sleep neurologists have seen a surge in insomnia during COVID. StimScience has spent years collecting data in its sleep labs to understand the brainwave signature of sleep, and its technology has helped many of these sleep lab participants to achieve faster sleep onset and deeper, higher quality sleep. The company is planning its first in-home beta trial for later this year, and is accepting applications for beta customers via its website (StimScience.com).

Matt Walker, StimScience Science Advisor and Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at UC Berkeley, is the author of the international bestseller, Why We Sleep. “The more we learn about sleep, the more we understand how complex of a brain function it is, and how fundamental it is to every aspect of our physical and emotional health,” said Walker. “Developing methods and treatments that restore and enhance sleep, including brain stimulation approaches such as those being pursued by StimScience, will be essential in reuniting humanity with the sleep it is so desperately bereft of.”

Khosla Ventures Partner, Alex Morgan, MD PhD added, “When investing, we look for unique technology that addresses large problems. Everybody needs to sleep, and when someone doesn’t get enough sleep there are significant impacts on health and performance. It’s hard to find a larger, more impactful market than that. StimScience offers a unique, safe, non-pharmacological approach to improve sleep for millions of people around the world with scalable, accessible technology. As a data driven company, the more nights of sleep data they collect, the better their proprietary brain stimulation algorithms will get at helping customers, and the more valuable the company will become. We’re thrilled to back Aaron and the team as they launch their in-home beta program.”

About StimScience

StimScience is a startup with a mission to translate advances in neuroscience into everyday consumer devices. Our science team has spent the past 2+ years pioneering applications of non-invasive, personalized brain stimulation. With seed funding from Khosla Ventures, we are building a team to launch the initial product of this breakthrough research - the first consumer device to help your brain to naturally achieve a longer, higher-quality night’s sleep. Learn more at StimScience.com, or apply to join the team using the form below.

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